Fonterra, New Zealand’s biggest company and dairy co-operative is responsible for 30% dairy supply across the globe. It holds some of the most renowned brands, NZMP being one of it. Fonterra exports its dairy products under ‘NZMP’ brand. NZMP has recently predicted the top 5 consumer trends for 2019. These trends are expected to drastically affect the market and increase the overall demand. Top 5 trends predicted by Fonterra’s NZMP are:

Foods with digestive properties

Changing lifestyle and choices has tremendously influenced our choices for food. There is an equal demand and supply for this segment in the market. Consumers are demanding foods and products with ingredients that can change or enhance their digestive systems and suppliers and manufacturers are striving hard to find new ways and inventions to fulfil this demand. Microbiome science and probiotics studies are helping industry experts understand the role it can play in food. James Dekker, NZMP program manager, nutrition and health recently stated that they trust dairy probiotics for supporting immunity and in future, they can prove very beneficial for certain aspects of metabolic health, cognition and anti-inflammation.

High demand for snacks

Snacks on its own have become fulfilling and satisfying to an extent where it is preferred as a meal, like protein bars. They have high nutritive value, light on stomach yet filling and available in different flavors. Protein bars dominate the snack market in the U.S. As demand for these snacks is increasing quality and innovation in the food and beverage industry is also on a rise.

Sustainable foods and packaging

The sustainability concept has deep penetrated in many industrial segments and experts are trying their best to make sustainable products and packages. In fact, sustainable measures are taken along the entire supply chain of a product or brand. As per research around 40% consumers buy products that are sustainable and environment friendly. Eco friendly packaging and tags like ‘pasture raised ‘also works as it attracts a consumer’s attention first.

Total wellbeing

Consumer inclination towards total wellbeing is increasing day by day. The demand for products that fulfil overall requirements of a human body, mind and soul are driving FMCG giants to design and manufacture products that meet consumer expectation. These products are also designed without any restriction to age and gender.

Being Adventurous

Human curiosity has also driven people to invent new products that are surprisingly useful and different. The demand for ‘new’ section in every vertical of food and beverage industry has never failed. It is only increasing with time giving more scope to industry experts to try out new things.