Controlling nutrition and diabetes go hand-in-hand, however that does not infer you have to deprive yourself for food. It only indicates that you are required to embark on a well-balanced diet. That aids your body with the satisfying nutrients without compensating much on the taste. A diet that is inclusive of foods that provide health benefits along with regulating your blood glucose levels is a diabetes-friendly diet. A lifestyle needs to be disciplined by the incorporation of a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise is the best approach to curb blood glucose levels, besides medication prescribed by the doctors adds value to it.

The diet should consists of all nutrition packed ‘Superstar Superfoods’ in order to control blood glucose levels coupled with notable health benefits:

  1. Green Coffee

To those who are wondering what is Green coffee beans, they are the unroasted beans that keep Chlorogenic acid (CGA), which usually lost to during the roasting process of coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid helps in weight management and eventually reduce body fat (adiposity) by altering obesity-related hormones together with upregulating fatty acid breakdown in the liver and lastly reduce cholesterol synthesis and fatty acid.

  1. Moringa

Moringa is a multivitamin, bestowed upon mankind from mother’s nature multivitamin to mankind. It is overloaded with antioxidants and offers a punch of fiber and protein. Moringa is particularly high in vitamins A, C, E and a handful of B vitamins. Another name for these vitamins is antioxidant vitamins as they assist combat infections and illnesses. In fact, the highest nutritional benefits lie in the dried powder from the leaves.

  1. Millets

Millets are mainly high in minerals and fiber like magnesium, phosphorous, iron and potassium which are vital for good health and especially that of the heart. They have distinctive properties like the least allergenic and easy to digest grains. Since millets have no gluten, it is a perfect grain substitute for people who are gluten-sensitive as well.

Here are some Millets that could add to diabetes diet-

-‘Ragi/Nachni’ or Finger millet is a lack of nutrients like potassium, calcium as well as iron. It is generally gluten-free, easy to digest and low on fat. Which makes it an ideal meal for each age group from children to adults in their golden years. Most of the South Indian states have steamed ragi balls as their starch source for dinner and lunch for ages. It can also be consumed and sprouted, as sprouting soars the nutritional content, making it easy to digest. It is essential to have it with foods rich in protein and fiber. Because it has an increased glycemic index when compared to other millets.

-Pearl Millet, which is also called ‘Bajra’ in India, is rich in critical nutrients such as phosphorous, magnesium, protein, fiber and iron. Being high on the scale of fiber, it adheres proper bowel movements regulation and curb keeps blood glucose levels in control.

-Foxtail millet is rich in protein, dietary fiber and low in fat. It is tremendously useful in handling blood glucose levels as it is a worthy source of magnesium. The incidence of diabetes is said to be occasional among the populations which embrace foxtail millets in their diet.

Thus with just a mix and match of your daily food with some of the superfoods. One can make ensure that ‘diet’ doesn’t feel like a punishment and you’re also in control of diabetes.