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Oregon Health Authorities Enforces Compulsory Mask Wearing Mandates

Oregon Health Authorities are enforcing people to wear masks in public indoor settings as the state continues to notice a surge in coronavirus cases. Authorities emphasize unvaccinated people are highly exposed to the contagious Delta variant.The new guidance follows similar recommendations from the CDC released Tuesday. However, it differs in applying statewide, not just in areas with higher infection rates. Oregon Health Authorities’ new recommendation is for all Oregonians, including vaccinated people.

Gov. Kate Brown tweeted that the Delta variant is spreading across the country. Dr. Sidelinger experts said that no matter whether people are vaccinated or unvaccinated, they must wear masks to protect their friends, family members, and neighbors from COVID-19. They can stop the spread the same way as before. Over two-thirds of Oregon counties see substantial or high COVID transmission rates.Oregon Health Authorities move comes one day after Multnomah County recommended masks for everyone.

Jessica Guernsey, Multnomah County’s public health director, said that it is spreading quickly among the unvaccinated, so we have to backtrack a little bit and take on some additional measures to protect people’s health.The authorities said that the highly contagious Delta variant had increased tenfold in the past two weeks in Oregon, and it is now estimated to be associated with 80% of the new cases in Oregon.

Health officials say vaccines are still effective, and the vast majority of the new cases are in those who have not received COVID-19 vaccinations.Clark County, Washington will also recommend masks for everyone indoors, aligning with the CDC guidance handed down Tuesday.KATU reached out to local grocery stores to see how they are responding to the CDC’s new guidance. The companies responded below issued statements before the Oregon Health Authority issued its latest update to mask guidance.

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