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Fast Food Giant Reimposes Wearing Mask in Transmission Areas

Fast Food Giant is requiring customers and employees to wear masks again at U.S. restaurants located in areas with the high or substantial transmission of the coronavirus. McDonald’s is the largest national chain to bring the requirement back for both employees and customers following updated masking guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fast Food Giant confirmed on Monday that a year after it started requiring masks nationwide at its 14,000 restaurants. The company said the policy change was in response to the CDC guidance and for all customers and crew, regardless of vaccination status.Most businesses including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and Kohl’s are only requiring employees to wear masks and strongly encouraging or recommending customers wear them. Masks remain required for customers and crew who are not vaccinated at all locations nationwide.

Fast Food Giant dropped the mask requirement for fully vaccinated May 21, following similar moves by other businesses. The move to bring back masks comes nearly a week after the CDC said Tuesday that it recommends people vaccinated for the coronavirus start wearing masks indoors again in areas with substantial or high transmission of COVID-19.

Apple was the first retailer to put a mask policy back in place for all consumers, including those who are fully vaccinated. However, Apple’s policy is only in place at half of its 270 U.S. stores. The new CDC mask policy recommends that people with underlying conditions that may make them more vulnerable to the coronavirus wear masks, along with anyone residing with vulnerable people.

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