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Survivor’s Contestant Tanya Vance Suffered due to Defective Malaria Medicines

The 41st season of the reality show named Survivor’s was delayed due to the rising spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EW is reaching back into the last episodes of the show when they sent a quarantine questionnaire to the batch of the former players.

The questions gave them space to state their thoughts about their time on the show, along with the updates regarding what they have been up to since the lockdown had begun. According to reliable sources, Tanya Vance, on e of the contestants got voted out as she was sick in the game, and her torch was snuffed on the sixth day of the Survivor’s in Thailand, after she puked the neon green bile and was unable to fulfill the task due to the illness.

Vance stated in the questionnaire that she was not just dehydrated in the game show but had been suffering from something that was far more serious. She further said that she took the medicines for Malaria, which had been the reason for her extreme sickness. She was allergic to the Malaria medicines which she was taking during the shoot.

Even though she lasted in the game only for six days, she saw many things and a challenge which involved poison as well as the shoe stealing the money along with one contestant getting bottomless on the show. She further stated that she had one of the unique ends on the Survivor’s.

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