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US FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to LNA043 for treating Osteoarthritis 

The US Food and Drug Administration permitted fast track designation to the Novartis developed LNA043 for treating Osteoarthritis, a most common degenerative joint disease of knees.Osteoarthritis affects over 300 million people worldwide. As part of its active initiatives to address Osteoarthritis complications, Novartis has developed for treating the disease. The company announced that its LNA043 had been granted fast track designation for treating the Osteoarthritis of the knees.

FDA’s fast track designation for LNA043 will allow the development and examining the drug for treating serious conditions and facilitate unmet medical needs of the patients suffering from the disease. The LNA043 is being developed as the first potential treatment for the disease.

Osteoarthritis, the chronic degenerative disorder, leads to progressive loss of cartilage, pain in bones, malfunctioning of joints, and disability to walk and do other activities. The occurrence of the disease is growing rapidly, posing a threat to patients and a burden to the healthcare systems. The disease affects over 1 million US people annually.

At present, no therapies are available that could treat the disease. The pharmacologic treatments that are available today only address symptoms such as pain. Thus the need for effective therapies that would maintain or regenerate cartilage and the need for reducing the pace of the disease has increased.In regards to the rising prevalence and increasing need of bringing effective therapies, the US FDA gave fast track designation to Novartis’ LNA043.

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