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Eczema Can Hamper Child’s Mental Health

Eczema, a commonly occurring skin condition, does not simply affect a child’s skin but can also imbalance mental health. The condition that causes disfiguration and irritation of the skin may be linked to depression, sleep difficulties, and anxiety, according to new research.

Simply put, Eczema is a disease that causes the skin to turn red and itch, said study author Dr. Katrina Abuabara. Abuabara is one of the study authors, works as an associate professor of dermatology at San Francisco’s University of California. However, she adds that it is more complex than just red itchy skin condition.

Among the 11,000 children tracked by the team of researchers from 1991, they found that the annual incidences of Eczema range from 14% to 19%. The skin disease, also known as atopic dermatitis, was tracked for children between the ages 3 and 18. Approximately 22% to 40% of the cases fell under the moderate to severe intensity category, whereas the rest were mild.-affected children are twice at risk of depression, and severe cases of can double the risk of anxiety-related behaviors that originate from underlying psychological problems. Severe atopic dermatitis also elevates the chances of sleep-related issues.

The studied cases of Eczema patients that also suffered from depression included a majority of females from higher social class, according to the study authors.Even though mild to moderate Eczema does not add up to the risk of childhood depression, the team observed that children of the age of four could be at risk of depression even with mild conditions.

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