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Rare Pokemon Oreos are Sold for Thousands on eBay

The new Pokemon Oreos collaboration which was launched earlier this month features the brand’s traditional sandwich cookies. This time the pack was with one of 16 Pokemon. Each pack includes a selection of cookies that feature classic characters like Pikachu and Charmander. The mythical Mew is extremely rare in this pack.

An eBay search yields dozens of Mew Pokemon Oreos cookies for sale, with prices listed everywhere from $50 to $10,000 to $100,000. Some listings promise a mint condition cookie. Some claim that the cookie was only handled with tongs, while others include photos showing the snack tucked safely in a plastic baggie. Judging from the items listed as sold, a number of the cookies have gone for as low as a few dollars and for more than $15,000.

While packs of Pokemon Oreos are sold in stores for less than $4, those who miss out on the limited-edition snacks and turn to eBay may find themselves looking at prices of $20 or much, much more. One pack was sold for $1,200.Pokemon card collecting became the hot new hobby for kids and many adults in the ’90s, and it’s a subculture that’s still going strong today. According to the gaming site Kotaku, people who are diligent collectors have considered there are Pokemon cards that have sold for more than $45,000.

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