Following an election, a renewed political period has started in the State of Florida. New leaders in Florida have already been confirmed, including new Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Though he still has a few new resolutions to make on significant positions, Ron DeSantis and his overall team have worked hard to fill number of employments in the organization, comprising of some of the most prominent positions. Meanwhile, the state politicians are filing bills for the elections that initiates in March 2019. Recently, on the Florida assembly, Political Editor Adam Smith and Florida Politics Communicator A.G. Gancarski deliberated the political levels to watch out for in upcoming months.

Here are some issues to watch out for in Florida Politics 2019:

1. Fresh State Leadership
Ron DeSantis will be the new governor for Florida, but several questions remain regarding how precisely he will govern. At 40 years old, he will be one of the youngest republican governor in a span. A prior congressman, military serviceman, and fellow of the House Freedom Caucus he is incoming national politics for the first time with no supervisory experience.

2. The Environment
Next year is expected to see a crisis in states waterways and the overall environment could turn out to be a main issue for the entering management. Throughout the campaign, Ron DeSantis tried tough to distance himself from the 20 years of democrat rule on number of environmental issues in Florida State, comprising from existing Gov. Scott.

3. Medical Marijuana
In 2016, 71 % of State voters sanctioned the Medical Marijuana Authorization Initiative, which is also referred as Amendment 2 that gave patients the right to have medical marijuana if they have been diagnosed with a capable medical condition. However it’s been slow to deploy. Also, Scott was not determined on growing access.

4. Voting Laws
In November 2018, the ‘Voting Renovation Amendment’ was agreed by 65 % of voters in state, modifying the national constitution to return back the right to vote to most criminals after they have served their verdicts.

5. Arming teachers
No event had more impact in Florida politics in 2018 than the Feb. 14 mass gunfire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. That has led to many changes in procedures and policies related to high school protection at all levels of administration. In last week, the Public Safety Commission (PSC) issued the splitting approval that high schools should arm their tutors.