Everyone has always been dreaming of showing off a graceful physique in the summers. And now since the summers are already here. There are a number of people still looking ahead to catching up with their weight loss goals. Moreover, winter is a season where everyone tends to gain lots of weight because of festive eating. However, hiding weight under woolen in winters makes things easier. But with summers coming in there is no hiding of weight is going to work. So, in order to lose those extra kilos during the festive season there needs to get some alterations done in daily diet. There are a lot of easy diet alterations that can be made for quicker weight loss as well as getting the body in shape this summer. One of the best alterations includes the addition of more vegetables & fruits in the diet.

Salads in summer are the easiest way of cutting down those extra calories as well as lose fat speedily. Moreover, these rich with essential vitamins & minerals as well as low in carbohydrates. Additionally, leafy greens are negative calorie foods that mean that they aid you burning fat at a rapid pace. Summer salads consist of a lot of vegetables as well as that might aid in staying cool naturally, also is a combination of nutrition & taste.

Here is the list of a few delicious recipes for summer salad that might help in getting summer ready:

  • Green Apple Salad

The energizing flavor of green apples turns the diet into a cakewalk along with this recipe of salad. It consists of green apple as well as raw mango with the dressing of lemon juice & is just spiced with salt as well as pepper.

  • Leafy Salad along with Walnuts

This leafy salad is an assured method of significantly reducing several counts of calories from the meal. Thus, with the nutriment of lettuce as well as cabbage and the healthy fats & fiber of walnuts, this summer salad is drenched in the sherry vinegar that also includes tarty nutriment of cherry tomatoes.

  • Cucumber, Black Olive as well as Mint Salad

Cucumber is an ideal vegetable for summer that aids in keeping oneself hydrated as well as refreshed naturally. Adding to it nutriment of antioxidant with olives and the cooling assets of mint. There comes the winner of the summer salad. This will also help in keeping in shape.

  • Cabbage Salad

This cabbage salad is exceptionally light as well as flavorful. A delicious cold salad along with the mixture of capsicum, tomatoes & cabbage in a French dressing. This one sorts for a great low-carbohydrate & lower-calorie meal in summers.

  • 4 Melon Salad

Melons in summers come loaded with a number of nutrients and higher water content, also are low in calories. Salad made using 4 different types of melons such as water melon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and musk melon, in a dressing of delicious mint pesto salad with crunchy pine nuts topping for a blow of taste & nutrition.