Qualcomm and Apple established as a bitter legal dispute of two-year. Soon afterward, Intel claims it will leave the business of smartphone modern chip. The complete drama carried out as the mobile phone industry is preparing to shift to technology known as 5G.

Resounding the complaints from the US Federal Trade Commission, Apple had unproven that Qualcomm is using the patent licensing business for keeping the monopoly on modern chips connecting devices such as iPhone to the wireless data networks. Qualcomm maintains that Apple was utilizing the valuable technology deprived of proper payment and later Apple let go the Qualcomm’s chips in approval from Intel.

Finally, Qualcomm and Apple are stopping the lawsuit, with Apple passing the license deal of six-year with Qualcomm and agree on buying Qualcomm chips. Later, Intel mentions that it was getting out of the business of modern chips.

What is 5G?

5G is the network technology for wireless communication that is almost 100 times faster than the recent 4G networks. However, the networks are coming to China, United States, South Korea, and others. However, modem chips are connecting devices such as phones to networks.

Players in 5G

Five companies are disclosing 5G modem chips or plans in making them: Samsung Electronics, Huawei technologies, Media Tek, Intel, and Qualcomm, but for only making their mobile phones.

Why is Apple cautious about 5G?

Many of Apple’s rivals in the market of smartphones, specifically Samsung plans to launch 5G devices, which can be a tough competition for Apple to match the characteristic. Various carriers capitalizing heavily to construct 5G networks are putting their marketing efforts in 5G phones.

Will Apple launch its 5G phone this year?

It needs unusual effort from both companies. However, new modems are taking months of testing for ensuring that phones will work on the networks of the carrier. Apple requires to start testing 5G iPhone, as a supplier of Intel is not having the chip ready.

Why is Apple needing Qualcomm’s chips?

Apple’s recent modem supplier, Intel, claims that it will not have the 5G chip ready, on pushing the launch of Apple’s 5G phone. Whereas, Qualcomm is organizing to ship the second generation 5G chip. And meet the needs of Apple with the recent product.