“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating “

-John Walters

Well I guess it’s not just me who loves food but everyone who is reading this article, is a food lover and so you have landed here. The year 2019 has arrived and New Year means a new start to the industry developments. So, we being food lovers should go on a ride and explore the 7 food predictions for 2019.

1. Oatmilks will rock this year too
Milk products are all time favorite and all time demand too. As they are healthy and are the only effective source of proteins intake. Oat milk will be a start of protein food this year. It was hit in the previous year, and its popularity is anticipated to witness an impressive growth this year too.

2. Get energized with Moringa this year
Last year, coffee faced a critical challenge with a criticism. As well all know how much coffee affect the mental health and also makes ageing a bit fast process. But workaholic mornings need to have something energizing. This year, it is being guessed that Moringa will take that place. Moringa is a native to India and other neighboring countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. It is full of nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. It is minus to any caffeine and you can buy it in form of tea from a local supermarket. One amazing thing about Moringa plant is that all its parts – stems, leaves, seeds etc are edible!

3. Alternative fats along with ghee will show a grand entry
The past year saw popularity of paleo, grain-free and keto diets which ultimately led to a huge demand for, animal, dairy and grain free fats. This year will witness a boom in the use of MCT oil (obtained from oil of coconut), coconut butter, ghee etc. Ghee has been given a very high position in Ayurveda due to its magical medicinal effects.

4. Say hello to seafood snacks
If you are someone who loves seafood a lot then, Congratulations. This year it is being guessed that seafood snacks like crispy skin of salmon, puffed snacks made out of water lilies etc will show a greater presence and demand in the local supermarkets.

5. Spices will add more spice in the food world this year
2018 saw food bloggers and dieticians praising spices and seeds a lot. So this gives us the hint of how much space spices will occupy this year in the food world. Spices and seeds contain a lot of minerals and vitamins and alongside they will also give a new edge to a simple dish. Who can know this better than food lovers like us?

6. Say bye-bye to straws and single use packaging
Aware of Starbucks banning plastic straws in 2018? Yes, this year companies in competition with starbucks will also do the same. Those days are not away when plastic straws will become a history.

7. 2019 welcomes health
Last year was all about a boom in the health-conscious crowd. People got more aware about their unhealthy habits through blogs, newspapers, YouTube, social media etc. In 2018, people tried to move a step towards a healthier lifestyle.