Consumer electronics show (CES) recently happened in Las Vegas, from 8-11 January 2019. With more than 180K attendees in 2018, this is one of the biggest events for startups, entrepreneurs, and established market leaders. Now that it has successfully concluded, there were few new concepts that CES introduced us to. Let’s take a look at these ideas:

Smart Home Bonanza:

Smart homes are becoming popular owing to its various security features apart from it being a comfortable option. The year in the CES many companies promoted budget friendly smart home options as well.

Smart Luggage:

A luggage bag that trails you, this one is expected to sort the luggage mix-up issue forever. A smart thought that might change the way people travel.

Underwater Drones:

In the CES event of 2017, drones had captured the attention of all the visitors. Drones have since then evolved and diversified. This year underwater drones were introduced as an additional feature to the existing ones.

Artificial Intelligence for everything:

It’s all about making life easier, products like smart razor, trash cans which are smart and toilets with built in Alexa were introduced. This CES was flooding with various unique concepts and ideas.

Voice Enabled:

Products that come along with Alexa and Google assistant included are the new market trend. An example of this is the toilets with Alexa. Though we are still not sure about the personal space and privacy these products would provide.

Robots for everything:

This year the number of robot exhibitors was 27% more than last years. Concepts like beer that fetches itself, self-washing dishes and clean toilets along with electronic pre-glass-slipper were introduced. The automatic BreadBot, is expected to bake 10 loaves of bread per hour and is ideal for restaurants and stores.

Smart cars and self-driving cars:

Andy Karuza an entrepreneur mentioned “automotive IoT is approaching big time, soon Android Auto, Apple Carplay and more products would be feasible”. A clear indication on the fact that there is still more to be introduced and innovated with respect to cars.

Better batteries:

Batteries that last longer or maybe no batteries at all. The concept of environmental energy harvesting technology to help power battery-less Internet of Things was also introduced, this is expected to be a game-changer especially for the smart city.

Privacy and PrivacyTech:

Well, let’s agree to the fact that google knows our home and Spotify knows our mood based on the song that we play on. At this rate the issues of privacy would soon come into picture and thus the need for better solutions with high security was discussed and preplanned.

Well, these are just few of the innovations that came forward during the CES-2019.