Barracuda, who is one of the providers of cloud-empowered security solution has announced the launch of Advanced Bot Protection. This Advanced Bot Protection utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) as well as machine learning. In order to aid consumers to defend against modern automatic threats. It is existing for both Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service as well as platforms of Web Application Firewall.

Web applications are taken as number one vector for attacks of hacks resultant in breaches. As per certain research reports of 2019 malicious bots position a noteworthy threat towards the application safety. Bots have been evolving from utilizing simple scripts to utilizing sophisticated strategies. For instance, headless browsers along with machine learning in order to burst through the traditional application security resistances. Companies require an application security system that would keep up with all these budding attacks.

Now with the launch of Advanced Bot Protection, customers of Barracuda WAF will have access to a performance that will include:

  • Detection of Bot spam: It will enable in reducing referrer spam as well as a block spam comment.
  • Prevention of credential stuffing: Will enable blocking the credential stuffing so as to avoid account takeover occurrences.
  • Call for risk scoring: will also help in inward requests along with the using the advanced behavioral analytics for detecting enemies.
  • Fingerprinting of Clients: Will now with the help of these users will be able to have superior fidelity than the IP addresses.
  • Committed bot alleviation UI: Novel user interface will make it easy for configuring bot alleviation features.

To efficiently safeguarding their organizations against current budding threats, consumers require erudite bot mitigation competences.