Pakistan’s internal assessment regarding the future of Afghanistan realizes the bordering country surrounded in a ‘civil war’ yet again with the US & Taliban. Moreover, worsening to influence a peace treaty, a media report states on Monday.

The hunt for harmony in the war-torn nation persisted subtle until now. Regardless of chaotic determinations to end the massacre.

The United States previous week restarted harmony discussions with the Afghan Taliban in Doha, Qatar. As part of continuing efforts to seek out an administrative end to an almost an 18-year long battle.

The Grand Council of Afghan commonly acknowledged as Loya Jirga, call up by President Ashraf Ghani completed on Friday. Also, it ended with the undisputed appeals for peace with the Taliban. Ghani presented the Taliban ceasefire as well as assured to issue almost 175 prisoners of the Taliban ahead of Ramadan.

The developments might have transformed the hopes for a peace agreement. However, Pakistan’s internal assessment offers a forbidding picture.

“We don’t want to be cynical, nevertheless the condition on the ground proposes that there is an outlying chance of continuing discussions between the Taliban & the US. That would lead towards any peace agreement,” states a senior Pakistani official.

The bottom line of the assessment, shared by a senior official is that Afghanistan in all probabilities is moving towards civil war’.

The official, who voiced over the situation of unrecognizability, says that there were several factors as per Pakistan. That will thrust Afghanistan to further unrest.