Alabama’s government is amidst banning abortion. But, President Donald Trump along with other Republican lawmakers is opposing this ban. Therefore, the situation remains tight for Alabama.

President is extremely pro-social media. Therefore he is using Twitter to spread his word. Clearly stating he said, that the Republicans will suffer if they are not on the same page with the party.

Trump believes that life should be given a change. Only in case of rape, incest and danger to a mother’s life should abortion take place. Therefore, he is strongly signaling towards staying united and fighting against abortion.

Abortion law in Alabama wants abortions don only if a mother’s life is at risk. Therefore, making it non exceptional in case of rape and incest.

Abortion is still concerning Americans. It is still a controversial issue. There is heavy opposition from the Christians amidst the elections. They wish to eradicate the process completely. The abortion debate in America is going on since 1973. Since then, the number of abortion clinics is reducing.  In 2017, it was just one clinic in six states.

Mississippi and Ohio and Kentucky also, not promoting abortion if the tests reveal the fetus’ heartbeat.

With a growing rate of crime, the number of teen pregnancy and unexpected pregnancy is growing. The debate is whether life should be given a chance. Irrespective of the cause or situation. The government’s initiative also includes social media awareness. It is showcasing the stories of mother’s who could not get an abortion. This movement is to know my story.

The opposition to abortion is strong. Therefore, the chances of winning are higher. People supporting anti-abortion are influencers. Thus, making the law a weaker case. Trump is tweeting 2020 to be a year for life.