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Alcohol is not good for the brainconfirms a recent study

A recent study has claimed that Alcohol is dangerous for our brain cells. Excessive alcohol intake has harmful effects, which are very much known to people. A little intake might not be as harmful. But your decision to frequently consume alcohol in moderation or even in small amounts can be dangerous.

The study has been carried out by researchers for the University of Oxford that suggests any amount of can damage brain health. Moderate intake can adversely affect the health and nearly every part of the brain. Our brain is very sensitive to Alcohol.

All kinds of can affect brain health to a very great extent. Researchers say that even if you are drinking beer and wine on weekends with your friends, it can be harmful. This is because beer and wine contain a small amount of Alcohol or gin. Vodka contains the highest amount of Alcohol, and yet the situation of the brain will remain the same.Pre-existing health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity or sugar problems may get worse and can increase the risk of damage to the entire body. (rephrase)

Alcohol intake can also open the windows to severe health issues like hypertension, heart and kidney diseases. It can even lead to vitamin deficiency and disturb the internal function of the body, causing damage to the liver as well.Hence, it is always advised to avoid drinking as it leads to temporary fun and satisfaction but major problems in the future.

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