Amazon is investing in a delivery service that delivers food called Deliveroo. It is based out of London. This funding is a part of the G funding series run by Amazon and is worth USD 575 Million. Therefore, a big step for Deliveroo. Other investors include Greenoaks, T Rowe Price and Fidelity Management.

So far Deliveroo has USD 1.53 Billion as funds. It is collecting since 2013. It plans to use the funds for expanding its technical team. They are also planning to start more delivery based kitchens.

Will Shu is Deliveroo’s co-founder. Overwhelming with emotions, he also has great plans. He is aiming for more customer-centric features, offer food as per personal taste and help restaurants grow and expand their businesses. He is also working on his delivery model.

Deliveroo is growing fast and Doug Gurr, Amazon’s Manager for the UK is very impressed. He is liking their approach towards customer-centric work and a good collection of restaurants. He also mentions their delivery options being convenient.

Why Deliveroo is working well?

The best part about Deliveroo is its cyclist delivery boys. It is an app-based service. Will Shu is the first person to ride a bike for Deliveroo. Their delivery model allows people with high education to come and ride for them. This is involving many Ph.D. and researchers from various sectors like machine learning, physics, and neuroscience.

Deliveroo believes that in cities bicycles run faster than cars and two-wheelers. Deliveroo is working with almost 30k drivers and writers right now. Therefore, making it a unique delivery service. Deliveroo is also following an algorithm named Frank for this service.

Deliveroo is getting together all the essential elements in this service model. There are thousands of riders and drivers delivering hot food to consumers. Restaurants also want food to leave early when hot. Routing of vehicles is complex but simultaneous deliveries are making it work. They are delivering food under 30 minutes.