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Amazon’s Union Vote: What the Forthcoming Election Means for Amazon?

Amazon’s warehouse workers are considering instilling unity within their ranks via Amazon’s Union Vote. They are contemplating the idea of unionization, which could prosper their say in the working hours, incentives and conditions. Union drives generally surpass the voting hurdle at the Amazon’s warehouses. Employees in Alabama seek the golden chance to imprint their names in Amazon’s history.

Amazon’s warehouse workers sought to break the chain and become the first unionized set of workers. For about a month, the 5,800 workers in Bessemer have been casting ballots in a union election. The potentially historic remnant can be announced as early as this week. Is it just the beginning of a revolutionary scene across the country that remains to be seen? If the plan succeeds, then it could kick off many such Amazon’s warehouse unionization efforts.

Amazon did hefty business in 2020, which resulted in extraordinary profits for the last two quarters. The company grew its net sales 44 percent over the previous year, bringing in $125.6 billion in the fourth quarter. The vote in itself is remarkable. Whether or not the workers perpetuate the union is different propaganda altogether.

Union advocates have portrayed long overhauling stories about the mistreatment of the workers at Amazon. It resulted in unionizing their efforts even before a vote, which marks the commencement of a new age of workers who are fearless and would not give up until their rights get amended.

The vote brings the storyline of the workers to the fore as the coronavirus pandemic rages. Amazon’s warehouse employees certified that the customers do not face any adversities while working at home by providing them with basic amenities like toilet paper. The luxury, which is not even in hindsight of the employees at Amazon.

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