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American Airlines Sought Reaching Pre-Pandemic Level Engagement

American Airlines on Wednesday said that it sought to fly near pre-pandemic levels on domestic flights this summer. The demand has been tolling since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Steadily, the demand is recovering, and the company appears to add a dozen of new routes and broadening its access to vaccine destinations in Florida.

Airlines stock had a bizarre day at the stock markets, after getting hit a day earlier when the FDA initiated a pause on Johnson& Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine. American Airlines has been hot and cold in its domestic flights’ circuit. But with the international flights’ consumer penetration grim, the company is all set to get its guard on increasing the domestic capacity. It asserts that it expects to fly more than 90% of its domestic seat capacity compared to the summer of 2019.

Internationally, the interests are gauging and it looks to fly high at around 80%. But the surge of the second wave of the coronavirus hitting distinctive countries across the world, American Airlines’ focal point this summer is on domestic routes. The company’s senior officials said that it is integrating 150 new flight routes over the summer.

Those new flights include eight new routes, to be introduced on June 5, to Orlando, Fla., in response to “increased leisure demand.” The carrier is also offering widebody-jet flights from Miami to New York and Los Angeles. “Throughout the pandemic, our trademark has been to build a schedule based on what customers tell us they want and need,”  Brian Znotins, the airline’s vice president of network planning, said in a statement. “And today, they are telling us they’re eager to get back to travel.”

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