2019, is expected to bring the new version of Android OS along with it. It is expected to be known as Android Q and is expected to be revealed by google during the conference that is scheduled in the month of May. Though it has not been officially declared still below are some of the predictions.

Foldable Phone Support

Foldable phone support is one of the most possible additions to the new Android Q, this has already been showcased by Android’s David Burke, last year in a similar event. With the help of Android Q the foldable smartphones would give a cleaner and smoother user experience.

Enhanced Picture in Picture (PiP) mode

With the help of Android Q, the operating system would support Picture in Picture (PiP) mode. This feature is currently available in high-end Samsung smart phones. PiP mode will let you place the window of different apps on the screen, which can simultaneously work, increasing your productivity.

Dark Mode

System wide dark mode is not yet official but hinted upon by google many times. There are various apps based on it, but recently by the various apps being launched, it is clear that Google might think of introducing it at system level.

More Permissions

The Android Q will ask users to give apps more access to whatever is saved on the clipboard and will provide more permissions.

Native Support for facial recognition

The year of 2018 was all about facial recognition, however, heavy interface was required to assist this. With the help of Native support it will be easier to use facial recognition and will provide more support various handsets.

Support downgrading of app

Android Q would support downgrading of apps to previous app version. Currently, the same is feasible but only for google owned apps and not applicable for all.  This is important in the case if the older version has some feature that might be useful to someone and is not available in the new version.

The announcement of launch of Android Q, has caused a buzz in the market with consumers eagerly waiting for it. This OS version would be the next major update post the launch of Android 9 Pie and is already expected to grow the market demand.

Another rumor doing rounds in the market is that Android Q would have newer fonts, icon shapes and color overlays. These would no doubt improve the overall user experience for the users across the globe.