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Apple vs. Facebook Battle over Privacy lost by Facebook, It Admits

Facebook has been expressing concerns about the changes coming to the iOS 14. Apple first announced these changes last summer. These changes include the requirement that apps include a nutrition label to show users what data is collected. It also showed how it is used and what Apple calls the App Tracking Transparency (ATT).

The ATT’s implementation was delayed to give the advertisers and developers time to adjust to the change. However, it should come with the next iOS update. Meanwhile, Facebook has taken the fight public.

In three of the most widely-circulated newspapers in the country, the company released a few ads. It accused Apple of attacking small businesses and the open internet. Zuckerberg also attacked Apple’s motivation last month during their quarterly earnings report. He has also been considering filing an antitrust lawsuit for the earlier reports released by the iPhone maker.

A new campaign has been launched, including an ad titled “Good Ideas Deserve to be Found.” The title might seem hard to follow, but it aims to show personalized ads’ value to small businesses. Facebook also wants to give a clear perspective to a small business that personalized ads provide a better experience on both its platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

After a blog post by Facebook, there are many questionable things. Facebook never talks about tracking or the company’s goal. The goal is to allow you to show personalized ads. Unlike Facebook, Apple is not ending the personalized ads or tracking. It just requires apps to ask for the users’ permission for permission first.

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