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Apple Watch Series 7 Leaks Show Apple Fans Anger

Since the device’s launch a few years back, Apple hasn’t significantly changed the look of the Apple Watch. As a result, the  Series 7 has generated a lot of excitement and speculation. According to rumors, the next-generation will have a new design with flat edges instead of rounded corners. Furthermore, the Series is expected to have a flatter display and is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes.

Long-time Apple Watch fans, on the other hand, may have some issues with the new look. Nothing is certain yet, but the more significan case on the Series 7 model makes older bands incompatible. So why would Apple alter the rounds at this time?

Max Weinbach, a well-known leaker, is the source of this particular rumor. Weinbach has previously provided reliable information about Apple’s following product plans. For example, Weinbach stated the following in a Twitter post: Fwiw I’ve heard from an Apple store employee that they’re not getting anymore 40/44mm bands in and expect the new Apple Watch to use different bands that won’t be compatible with old watches.

Weinbach has previously revealed correct Apple rumors, so this fact is well worth paying attention to. Furthermore, given solid predictions that the Series 7 would be more extensive, it’s reasonable to assume that existing Apple Watch bands will not fit. At the same time, Apple’s decision to release a new incompatible with all existing bands appears highly unfavorable to users.Existing watch bands will operate with the next, according to some fans, though not as effortlessly as they did on prior generations. In September, Apple usually launches new Apple Watch models. Unfortunately, this rule may be broken with the Series 7.

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