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Apps with appropriate vaccination proof to be submitted by Health Authorities, says Apple

Globally, several countries have started the vaccination process against Covid-19. We have seen some apps that let users prove that they have been vaccinated with just their iPhones. However, Apple is modifying the rules and regulations of the App Store. It will make sure that apps providing appropriate proof of vaccination are only submitted by health authorities.

On Tuesday, according to a statement shared with developers, Apple is observing an increase in the number of apps that generate health passes with proof of vaccination that may be required for entering buildings. To avoid falsifying these proofs, Apple will need the apps to be submitted to the App Store by health authorities only.

Apple stated, “With the recent release of COVID-19 vaccines, we’ve seen an increase in apps that generate health passes used to enter buildings and access in-person services based on testing and vaccination records. To ensure these apps responsibly handle sensitive data and provide reliable functionality, they must be submitted by developers working with entities recognized by public health authorities, such as test kit manufacturers, laboratories, or healthcare providers.

In an attempt to stop misleading information, Apple has already been requiring Covid-19 related apps to be submitted by governments or public health departments to the App Store. The company rejects any applications using the Covid-19 theme for entertainment, gaming, or any other purpose.

In 2020, a new app was developed by Los Angeles County in partnership with Healthvana, a startup. The app allowed the residents to add proof of vaccination to the Apple Wallet. With time other institutions also incorporated the same.

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