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Are Lakes in the U.S. and Europe Losing Oxygen?

A new study established more significant concerns about the deteriorating quality of water bodies the U.S., and Europe.The study suggests Oxygen levels reduced significantly in hundreds of Lakes across the United States and Europe in the last four decades. The authors of the study propose the increased possibility of fish kills, agal blooms, and increased methane emissions contributing to low.

As a part of the study, researchers have examined temperature levels and rate of dissolved oxygen, identifying the exact amount of Oxygen in the water in almost 400 Lakes.The testing observed the deprivation to be non-restrictive to a locality but is widespread. The study was published in ‘Nature’ journal on Wednesday, indicating a decline of 5.5% in surface water, whereas the oxygen deprivation in deep waters was 18.6%.

The Authors of the study attribute escalating temperatures and declining water clarity from increasing human interference are the leading causes for oxygen deprivation.According to the co-author Craig E. Williamson, a biology professor at Miami University, Ohio, Oxygen is a significant determinant in examining the health of an ecosystem, fluctuations in which reflects a conspicuous human footprint.

Oxygen deprivation rates in Earth’s ecosystem have been reported by various studies before. A study published in 2017 showed the levels in the world’s ocean to have declined by 2% since 1960. However, the authors explain that there is less evidence in the prior studies about lakes, which have lost two to nine times more than the oceans.

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