Wildfires are the least predictable and catastrophic out of all other natural disasters. Various elements like composition of the undergrowth to weather and wind patterns and man-made objects can further propel fires make battling the flames hard. Local governments, citizens and casualty insurance industry is shocked due to the frequency and severity of these recurring events, especially in California. California’s last year’s wildfire is considered as the worst wildfire in the history. But, just as the challenges continue to grow, fire-fighting technologies are evolving too. These technologies is making wildfire controlling easy and less damageable.

Drones: Pinpoint recon without risk

Reconnaissance and scouting is considered vital to develop and carry out a plan to defeat enemy. Similarly, getting a clear sketch of the inside of a fire is the key to get it under control. It is essential to warn, find and rescue people in its path. Drones have played an invaluable role in estimating the severity of such fires. Military drones are the most advanced and give firefighters a good look at what they are facing and see where to focus at time of rescue.

Robot firefighters bravely tackle the wildfires

Firefighting is considered one of the most dangerous job especially if fighters confront a raging and unpredictable wildfire which may turn into a firestorm. At that time, new generation firefighting robots like Thermite can fight bravely, withstanding highest of temperatures.

VR firefighter training

Similar to all other combat soldier, firefighters are also consistently trained and honed in their skills and prepared for the unexpected. In training, they practice in under controlled conditions. But with help of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, trainings have become more real and adopted by American firefighters, Red Cross, smokejumpers and other rescue personnel. The technology can quite literally turn up the heat, create hotspots and firestorms, without risking any lives.

Infrared Cameras: Finding where the fire is hottest

You may not be able to think how infrared technology helps in fighting a fire but with this technology higher intensity of fires can be easily found. Drones and satellites incorporate this technology and with infrared sensors pinpointing from the sky and space the hot spots of the fire. University of California Berkeley developed the Fire Urgency Estimator in Geosynchronous Orbit – or FUEGO which uses these technology to monitor fires as they start to spread.

By incorporation of these technologies, various institutions can assess wildfire risk and at the same mitigate damage and execute evacuations. Apart from that, firefighters can perform better with less damage to themselves.