It is well-known that chest pain is a very common symptom of a heart attack. However, there are several other subtle symptoms of heart attack that are important to be known. According to a study, females don’t mostly have chest pain when they are suffering from a cardinal problem. There are a few other symptoms you need to be cautious about. Moreover, if those symptoms overlooked then it can even result in fatal.

Here are some common symptoms of a heart attack in females:

Trouble while breathing:

Discomfort as well as a struggle while breathing is an important sign of heart attack in females. If you are unable to catch your breath as well as move across even a bit. Then it is a sign that something isn’t correct with your heart.

Uncomfortable pressure in the chest:

This is a common indicator of a heart attack in a female. If you are sensing pressure as well as tightness across your chest, then rush for assistance. Pain might happen at any place around the chest. It is not required that the pain will occur only in the middle of the heart. Don’t ignore the condition only because the pain is on the left side.


Sweating over a sunny day or because of an extreme workout as usual. Nevertheless, if it is random then you need to instantly call someone for assistance. Abundant as well as unexpected sweating may perhaps be an indicator of a cardiovascular problem. This symptom is effortlessly confused with the night sweats or else hot flashes. That is common with age. Overseeing this might be hazardous for you.

Pain within both the arms:

It is not essential that the pain at all times would be felt in the chest or in mid of the heart. Every so often it might even be over the left or else right arm, or in the upper abdomen. It is significant to consider that any sort of pain above the waist would be because of heart disease. The pain can either be irregular or else intense.


Nausea, as well as vomiting, are also very common signs of a heart attack in females. However, these symptoms are often mistaken with food poisoning or else gastrointestinal problems.