The army is looking for extending its cloud computing network for sharing and storing personal and operational data. This data may contain movement, deployment of service, formation, and health service records, as per officials.

Growth of the cloud computing network would carry out with the ‘network for spectrum’ aspect, they said. However, development is a part of the army’s move to increase its automation capabilities.

The army cloud with a centralized data center was found in November 2015. However, it follows a pact among the defense ministry and DoT (Department of Telecommunications) in 2009-10.

According to the officials’ statement, previous applications are an increase for sharing and storing information on soldiers and operations over the army cloud.


“The OIS (Operational Information System) and MIS (Management Information System) are two heads for emerging applications for handling data,” said an official. “However, MIS and OIS are there, the development will keep adding technology to upgrade the army cloud and similar applications.”

However, currently, the army does not have sufficient bandwidth to upload heavy data such as videos and others. But with the NFS project, it is likely to get satisfactory bandwidth so that ground formations that are in most requirement of automation, could make use of it.

According to the officials, several decisions on what type of data can be stored on cloud servers. And what needs to remain on hard files will highly depend on the level of apparent threat.

However, the army does not store or share confidential data, comprising that on terrain, deployments, operations, movement of units. Because of the threat of viruses and hacking. Thus, the official believes that unclassified data such as the names of the soldiers and ranks can be stored on cloud servers.

Though, the army is also trying to extend its data centers of the cloud computing network. However, officials said work has to initiate at the new locations of the data centers.