A quarter of U.S. jobs are expected to be disrupted by artificial intelligence as it gains motion towards the automation of current working style, as per a recent report. It is also mentioned that approximately around 36 million Americans have job that are in the high exposure bracket of automation, which means that almost 70% of their tasks can easily be performed by machines through technology and artificial intelligence.

Industries expected to be affected are cooks, waiters and others in food services. It is expected that most of the jobs will change slightly as the machines take over the routine tasks, however a majority of U.S. worker will be able to work along with the shift and not get displaced.

Self-ordering machines and applications in one such product. Here the menu is planned and programmed on a device. These devices are mounted on individual tables of restaurants. People coming to the restaurant can browse the menu, select and place order. The menu often contains attractive pictures of the order along with a short description of the product to help people understand what the dish is all about.

Some of the chain restaurants have already started working with robot-assisted kitchens. In the early 2018, a group of MIT students ended up creating the first robotic kitchen. Spyce located in Boston, was developed by these students in order to provide a cost-effective eating solution to all and also known as novel kitchen setup.

Google this year is working to enable use of digital voice assistance in hotel lobbies as a multi-language interpreter to be able to understand many languages instantly.

Though innovation is good, this might lead to friction among the youngsters as they depend on hotel industry to get part time job as an alternative source of income.