An automated cold storage warehouse is garnering popularity across the industry of cold chain.

Cold chain industry operators are currently undergoing various challenges, like rapid fall across warehouse manpower, growing costs of land and infrastructure and operating energy, along with more demand from consumers for better and more accurate orders.

Cold chain operators are looking for various logistic solutions that improve efficiency at minimum cost and energy and the automated warehouse has various other advantages too.

Some of these benefits are

With the help of an automated high bay, the warehouse helps in getting a larger storage density to store pallets. Also, a high bay warehouse that stores more than 40m in height ensures optimum utilization of space. The high bay warehouse reduces dependency on manually operated material handling equipment and further allows to occupy only 30% of the land space.  Inventory management and maintenance is the most critical task for efficient warehouse operation and the high bay warehouses fit perfectly in the client’s requirement.

As the cost of energy is continuously growing, various cold storage operators are looking to automation. With the growing high-bay controlled temperature warehouses, cold storage operators are likely to reduce energy costs. Furthermore, reducing the manual interruption for reduced energy consumption across temperature controlled regions.

The employee turnover rates across the various cold store and freezer environments are more than a lot of ambient warehouses. And the employees need better environments and safety today across all parts. Due to this various cold store operators lack trained employees. This is where automated high bay warehouse reduces the need for the manual workforce. Automation allows pickers to just select the product without entering the freezers which are below -28 degrees. Furthermore, the automation of product flows within the warehouse will allow manufacturers and cold store operators to achieve new levels of efficiency and meet safety standards.

Conventional Environment

In a conventional environment Freezer access, doors are often damaged by mishandling of manually operated equipment. This often led to an unsafe work environment as racks would fall due and cause mishaps across the warehouse.  With the help of fully automated storage systems has increased the security of the workers handling the equipment. Automated food and beverage storage solutions help in removing the need for manual handling of equipment like forklifts and doors.

Inventory accuracy is enhanced with digitization and devoted warehouse management software available in today’s market. Across various conventional warehouses working on manually operated equipment, human error often leads to inaccurate storage locations and order picking. To rectify wrong deliveries, it is important that cold store operators identify ways to deliver the right orders to their customers the same day.

Further, the process of redelivery often leads to huge damages to the producers. It also impacts the brand reputation too further resulting in loss of loyal customers and disaster to appeal new ones.

The need for automated cold storage is high to help the overall growth of the industry.