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Astronauts to Conduct Two Spacewalks on the Upcoming Sundays

On February 28th and March 5th, Astronauts Kate Rubins, Victor Glover Jr., and Soichi Noguchi will take spacewalks. They are getting ready to go outside the International Space Station. The space stations orbiting Earth will get a continuation of upgrades with the help of these spacewalks. Rubins and Glover are NASA Astronauts, and Noguchi is an astronaut from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

The spacewalks will last for almost six and a half hours each, and people can stream it live on the NASA TV channel or NASA’s website. The February 28th spacewalk will begin coverage at around 4:30 am ET, and the astronauts are expected to start walking at 6 am ET. For the March 5th spacewalk, coverage will start at 5:30 am ET, and astronauts will begin walking at 7 am ET.

Sunday spacewalks might seem earlier than previous spacewalks, especially with it occurring on Sunday. On Wednesday, during a press conference, Kenny Tod, deputy manager for the International Space Station Program, said, “It’s not really a Monday through Friday kind of program.” In the history of the station, these will be the 235th and 236th spacewalks.

Rubins and Glover will pair up and prepare solar array upgrades by installing and assembling modification kits in the first spacewalk. The current solar arrays are still working, however, they are degrading and need an upgrade. The warranty for the installation is only 15 years, and they were installed in December 2000. The solar arrays will begin their journey towards the space station in June on the SpaceX vehicle.

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