Heart pills have chemicals that might lead to cancer

A pharmacy warns the Food & Drug Administration regarding the cancer-causing chemicals. That is extensively used in medicines for blood pressure, as per the report of the federal agency. An online pharmacy corporation, Valisure having a license for almost 37 states, warns the FDA previous week about the high amount of dimethylformamide. That was seen […]

Oman Pairs up With China-based ZL EOR Chemicals for Maiden Polymer Production Hub

Oman is flourishing with the oil and petroleum industry. Therefore, it will soon receive its maiden polymer producing production center. The event is unfurling jointly by officials from Oman Development and China-based chemical stalwart, ZL EOR Chemicals. This upcoming chemical company will span a total of over 33,000 sqm along the Raysut industrial belt in […]

Pesticides are approved in Brazil by Bolsonaro regardless of being forbidden elsewhere

Brazil is approving around 1,300 weedkillers and pesticides with the important spike by approval from Jair Bolsonaro coming in power. Hence, after starting the Bolsonaro’s presidency, there is approval for around 170 new products containing chemicals illegal in the EU. However, Brazil is mostly using pesticides and several foreign companies registering the toxic products forbidden […]