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Posts published by “Javier Wheeler”

Wheeler is a fine writer who also has several degrees and accolades in his kitty. An ardent physics and electronics lover, he has graduated in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, besides also acquiring a certificate in Energy, Innovation and Emerging Technologies in later years. His passion for objective writing has earned him a certificate in journalism as well and has also very recently completed a course in digital content management. Prior to his stint as the Chief Editor at OrbisMarketWatch, Javier also served as Managing Editor with several organizations of repute.

Fungus Growing in Mars

There is a persistent search for life on Mars with NASA’s latest rover Perseverance using its scientific instrumentation to scan the Jezero Crater, an area…

Turtle With Frog Face

Palaeontologists recently discovered an exceptionally well-preserved fossil of a new and extinct species of Turtle which was dating back to the late Cretaceous Period, which…