Litecoin is outpacing all its Crypto peers

2019’s outperforming cryptocurrency is up by more than threefold. Also, no one has probably ever heard about it. Litecoin has grown by almost 330 percent, since the starting of the year 2019. Moreover, it is outstripping all the crypto peers, such as Ether & XRP. Also, one of the best-known & leading token Bitcoin. Moreover, it’s market […]

Globe’s leading retailer acquires Home-based e-commerce Company

Walmart will probably pump approximately $1.2 billion within the Flipkart’s operations. The leading retailer across the globe acquires homegrown e-commerce business Flipkart for nearly $16 billion in the previous years. Moreover, tumbling it in straight competition along with its competitor Amazon within the fight of the supremacy of the online retail market in India. Since […]

Hope Hicks Finally Opens Up on Mueller’s Report

President Trump is delaying and ignoring Democrats questions and investigations for some time now. Therefore, Hope Hicks, former communications director for the white house and finally agreed to speak to the house’s judiciary committee. A declaration is coming soon. Hicks is President Trump’s trusting aide. She is a part of presidential campaigns and Robert Mueller’s […]