Automated cold store warehouses are growing popular across the cold chain food industry. The challenges faced by them are fast deterioration across the warehouse and the cost of land.

To be ahead of competition cold chain operators are in search of solutions so as to improve efficiency at reduced cost and energy.

Here are the 3 key benefits of automating cold warehouse facilities.

More storage on less space

For a large number of pallets, an automated high bay warehouse definitely achieves a larger storage density as compared to the conventional warehouse. A storage unit of capacity 40m in height is what guarantees optimum space usage. There is a significant reduction in a high bay warehouse because of reduced material equipment handling and occupation of 30% of the land space. Automated storage and retrieval systems work well with managing and maintaining inventory for the tasks.

Across cold store warehouses, inventory ideally contains raw materials, work-in-progress products, or finished goods. Automated storage units alert employees of sudden changes in temperature or malfunctions. This helps in fixing the problem on time.

Reducing warehouse energy costs

Automation is a way for companies to save on energy costs. With the help of a high bay temperature control warehouse, because of cold storage operators are low. To remove the manual operations in automated warehouses and reduced energy consumption these are used widely across food industries.

Safe work environments

The overall employee turnover rates in cold store and freezer environments is high as compared to that of ambient warehouses, this is basically due to employees expecting better and efficient work environments and work safety. Because of this employers are facing problems in finding the best candidate. This can be avoided by an automated warehouse that does not need employees to go inside the freezers and the product is delivered by the automation process.