Nowadays, animal-product and plant-based food sectors are continuously growing. Although, there is the news of the chain removing the substitute of a plant to the offers of meat or food. However, it is contributing to options of plant or the company producing different products of poultry, dairy or meat.

Although Proven, an International food awareness organization is helpful in the mainstream of animal-product-free diets, hosting the program of an incubator. However, it is supporting the developing inventive startups on the aim of decreasing the consumption of an animal product.

· MushLabs

Mushroom is delicious and easy for cooking and are having several species that are equally tasting. However, mushlabs are  having the mushrooms magic and present for generating the sustainable nourishment in creative way. Although, people are thinking about mushroom mince and Portobello burgers. Whereas Mushlabs is taking the mushrooms roots and fermentation for fiber, micronutrient and protein rich constituent. Thus, the procedure of production is using the vertical systems decreasing the requirements of water and land. However, it is making the negative impact on environment of Mushlabs proteins is less in the counterparts of animal.

· ClearMeat

Although, the lab-grown meat product having burger where field of clean meat is growing. Whereas Mark Prost and team is  serving almost USD 4,00,000 burger.  However, the cultivating of meat is the important thing in news for the potential inventions. Thus, ClearMeat is the most fascinating prospect of cultivating meat. On the other hand in India, ClearMeat is the 1st group of startup incubator, ProVeg. However, the company is producing the chicken mince and are moving to products like chicken tikka masala and taandoori chicken. The main aim of ClearMeat is to offer cost-effective, healthy and sustainable meat substitutes for the increasing population.

· Greenwise

However, greenwise is producing the meat substitutes on the basis of plant where jerky and meat are mostly similar to meat. Thus, the products feel, chew and look like the real meat. Hence, Greenwise is having the taste of the products and attest to the claim. Whereas meat on the basis of plant is coming in dry form and cook in any form.  Although, it is absorbing the taste of deciding to cook in sauce or broth spices. Though, it is rapidly growing with the companies such as Beyond Burger is taking off on the basis of attention of customer and media. Hence, Greenwise is making the products for substituting meat in dishes instead of having the texture or taste.