Bajaj Consumer Care Limited has introduced the launch of Bajaj Nomarks Ayurveda Antimarks Sunscreen. The main motive behind the launch of the product is focused on Sun marks as dark spots occur due to sunburn and sun and tanning which is mounting skin problems in India. The new launch is developed on a key insight, that customers are rigid on trying new Sunscreens due to chemicals ingredients and the optimized cost compared to ordinary skin creams.

The New launch

The New launch – Bajaj Nomarks Ayurveda Antimarks Sunscreen. It is designed by keeping in mind that it manages consumer barriers for the sunscreens. It has pioneered in the sunscreen by addressing the concerns related to Sun marks. Like dark spots occurring due to sunburn and sun. Bajaj Nomarks Ayurveda Antimarks Sunscreen has a widespread offering. Which consists of Ayurvedic ingredients and is generally harmless for daily use. The range includes 4 SKUs in SPF 50, SPF 30 variants with a 15 g monthly pack for only INR. 49/-. This will help address one of the key entry obstacles to the category – expensiveness.

Urbanization along with mount in middle class & skin care evolving, Bajaj Nomarks, is now entering related consumer driven classes with advanced solutions. The safety and effectiveness of Ayurveda integrated with the optimal pricing are the significant levers to this launch.

Bajaj Nomarks

Commenting on the new launch, Sandeep Verma, President Sales & Marketing, Bajaj Consumer Care Limited said, “Our skin care brand Bajaj Nomarks has been recently restaged as a modern ayurvedic brand. With this new launch, we are excited to expand ourportfolio.BajajNomarksAntimarks Sunscreen is an Ayurvedic product, unlike other cosmetic Sunscreen brands. It tackles the issues of dark spots and sunburn due to the summer. Sun with the help of its unique Ayurvedic formulation and ingredients like cucumber and mulethi. We also have a unique monthly pack priced at Rs. 49 to help get new consumers into this category. This new innovation and its appealing product mix will help make Bajaj Nomarks become a bigger household brand.”

Additionally, the brand is also introducing a new digitally heavy sunscreen campaign on the basis of consumers preferences in skincare and beauty. “We have focused on keeping everything we do compelling and relevant; keeping core product benefits as a hero as this category demands it. We have done this with captivating visuals that grab the audience attention through her journey, in relevant formats across her touch points. Our focus has further been on ensuring that our communication clearly emphasizes brand recall across everything we do. As this is also a category where associating the right brand to the ad the consumer liked, can be a challenge due to similar problem-solution led communications,” says, ChaayaBaradhwaaj, Founder, BC Web Wise, the digital partners for Bajaj Consumer Care Limited.

At present, the launch is targetted on large sunscreen markets in India. It will be available across e-commerce channels and major retailers.