The producer of Bira 91, B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd, a brand of craft beer, recently launches its major fundraiser ever. That was of approximately $100 million, states 2 natives, seeking anonymity.

The company that has been backed by Sequoia Capital aims at utilizing the profits of the C Series fundraise. In order to facilitate its plans towards expansion. That consists of rising sales of an explosion, its most recent mass-market brand of beer.

The newest fundraiser might possibly be about twofold of approximately $50 million. That had been raising the previous year by the B9 Beverages based in New Delhi.

Moreover, within around driven via Sofia an investment firm in Belgium. Also, the prevailing investor Sequoia took part in the round. Additionally, as per certain media report the overall transaction accounts to B9 Beverages at approx $210 million.

Presently, the company states it had been seeking the utilization of the profits. This I have done for growing its business in India by five-fold during the upcoming years.

B9 Beverages recent raises almost $4.3 million from the Sixth Sense Ventures. Sixth Sense Ventures is a company based in Mumbai, which is a consumer-centric venture capital fund.

Furthermore, an email that is recently sent to Ankur Jain, B9’s founder over the most recent fundraiser didn’t draw any reply.

Bira 91 that has been found in 2015 by Ankur Jain, is majorly focusing over mild beers. Also, believes that consumers in urban areas are mostly choosing it.

The potential of business for craft beers seems strong since it constitutes nearly 1 percent of the overall consumption of beer in India. In addition, it has been fastening to almost 4.7 billion liters in 2017.

In the United States, where craft beers actually originate, accounts for approximately 12% of beer sales towards the craft.