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Black Fungus Infections Detected in India, Claimed Deadly by Experts

In the midst of India’s second wave of the coronavirus, hospitals are reporting an upheave in the cases of mucormycosis or Black Fungus. According to the reports retrieved by numerous hospital staff, it could be deadly than any previous instances and result in blindness.

The country was sent shockwaves when the doctors reported it as a matter of serious concern. Dr. Akshay Nair, a prolific eye specialist in one of the cosmic hospitals in Mumbai, India told the news outlets,  he saw a bemusing surge in the infections of Black Fungus and it had been detected in around 40 patients in April alone.It was a proffering number as it exhibited a usual uptick in the number of cases. In the past two years, only ten cases of mucormycosis or Black Fungus have got reported. The infection was considered to be rare and wasn’t given much attention until the foregoing events. What could be the preliminary symptoms and does it happens during the Covid-19 infection?

Nair further stated that the infections develop symptoms in the body two weeks after recovering from Covid-19. Nair told the news outlets, doctors, to believe that steroids, a treatment that has proven effective in treating those severely ill with COVID-19, may play a role in fueling the infections. While steroids reduce inflammation and prevent lung damage in those with COVID-19, it also suppresses the immune system.

The situation is so troublesome that eleven patients had to undergo surgery to remove an eye to spread the transmission of the infection throughout different organs. It is getting lethal in 50 percent of the cases, and it gets tormenting with the level of damage and pain incurred from the existing transmission of the infection.

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