Bluebird London, the London based restaurant recently opened a branch in New York City. It is currently being condemned by food critics – which also includes one zero-star review along with it being compared to Brexit.

The New York outlet of Bluebird London’s is located at the Time Warner Centre since September 2018, has been reporting not very positive feedback since then. In comparison the London restaurant is pretty successful, having 3.5 stars on the leading review forum Yelp. However, the American counterpart earned only zero starts by Pete Wells for the New York Times review.

While the expensive London restaurant is comparatively successful in England, three-and-a-half stars on Yelp, the American counterpart has got itself zero stars in a new New York Times review by Pete Wells. The review was titled “What if Brexit was a restaurant” and mentioned that the people in charge of D&D London’s Bluebird NYC base must have been partial by Prime Minister Theresa May’s style to Brexit, or that the restaurant is just another result of the “mess back home.”

To begin with the venue, the reviewer Wells mentioned the details about the locations and then moved on towards the menu. The menu he compares similar to doing a word search as it randomly organized. He further mentioned, that once the puzzle is finished, you can relish the feeling of content as it disappears when the food is served.

As far as the food quality is concerned, agreeing to Wells, each item from the crispy shrimp to the Lobster Cobb salad is unsatisfactory and the corresponding English food options do not impress, as mentioned by Well.

Along with critiquing the fish and chips, Wells explained that while ordering from the menu items that are made with pastry crust, which is charged at USD 95 but is a mass of wet and gluey dough. Among all of these the only likeable meal course is the dessert which Wells terms as “likeable”.

The review is concluded by him sharing a story from his previous dining experience, in which he reminiscences being told that most of his ordered items were unavailable.

However, the zero star review is not alone it is also been termed as “worst new restaurant in NYC this year” by Ryan Sutton who is a popular eater critic. In his review he mentions that the restaurant is soulless and overprices also the steak tartare and burger patty was undercooked and feels like warm fondue. This further supported the restaurant review of zero stars.

However, in spite of the poor reviews, the New York City has location has given a 3.5 star rating on Yelp, like its London counterpart.