The heavy lashes UK PM Theresa May and her Brexit deal has faced by the MP’s has been one of the most significant and harsh ones so far as far as British politics is concerned. The Brexit deal has cost the UK parliament their people’s trust and credibility that they had bestowed with faith in the parliament. Theresa May has had mixed support from her people for the Brexit deal. There is a majority believing she could change the face of UL politics and there has been a majority believing that Brexit has only caused chaos amongst people, changing their political perspective. The Brexit deal faced rejection with a big number of 230 down votes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been trying to sum up the downfall of the Brexit deal by stating the exact motives and objectives of the MP’s. Just before the vote he said “the prime minister has treated Brexit as a matter for the Conservative party, rather than the good of the whole country”. He also named this Brexit deal as “one of the most chaotic and extraordinary parliamentary processes” he had experienced in 35 years as an MP. The Brexit deal has made people angrier towards politics and society. People have come to a conclusion that Britain is heading in the wrong direction. Both May and Corbyn have seen their trust ratings among their supporters fall considerably over the past year. May’s ratings among Conservative supporters were down 10 points, to 68%, and Corbyn’s among Labour supporters were down 12 points, to 56%.

Heartbroken Theresa May accepted the house’s decision with was not ready to back down on her beliefs. With a heavy heart she said, “The house has spoken and the government will listen. “It is clear that the house does not support this deal, but tonight’s vote tells us nothing about what it does support.” What she does next is a matter of great concern for Theresa May, the parliament, the people and the Labour.