By monitoring the awareness in health of women, a protuberant obstetrician was hired by Apple

The health team of Apple has employed Dr. Christine Curry, an obstetrician, to observe how company can boost their hard work in the health of women, amongst other ventures, allowing three people acquainted with the leasing.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has considered health care as the mounting priority and most important part of the inheritance of Apple. Tim Cook stated to Jim Cramer, “If you look into the future, and on looking back, and questions, ‘what was Apple’s greatest involvement to mankind?’ It will be about health”.

Apple has employed lots of doctors for working across various projects, involving its so-called “AC Wellness clinics” for the employees of Apple and tracking of health by Apple Watch. Curry has the specific interest in the health of women, but Curry will be functioning on several issues through the health teams.

As per the LinkedIn profile, Dr. Christine is associated with Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City, California. Curry has not restructured her profile to imitate that Curry works at Apple, even though it’s not rare assumed the importance that Apple believes on privacy.

Apple deteriorated the comment, whereas Dr. Curry does not reply to the inquiry.

Research has discovered that companies of women’s health have traditionally fought to increase funding. It is the unnoticed area, counting momentarily by Apple, launched their first HealthKit service in the year 2015 and requested to provide “complete” tracking of health but do not involve the reproductive health. It quickly corrected that with the service known as Apple Reproductive Health, counting on the features for ovulation test results, menstruation, basal body temperature and much more.

As there is the eruption of health apps from the developers of third-party are geared to women, like applications for connecting to doctor, tracking fertility and more. Apple can do more when it is concerned to women’s health, in software and hardware, areas like fertility tracking, pregnancy and cultivating diversity in clinical research.

A competitor of Apple Watch i.e. Fitbit is concerned about women’s health and has a consultant that involves with their community, Dr. Katherine White, assistant professor of gynecology and obstetrics at Boston University. When Fitbit launched the women’s health, the company mentioned it in the blog post as the most demanded feature of community.