When it talking about munching then peanuts, chips, cookies & biscuits are the easiest available option that individuals yearn for. However, people with diabetes, need to have a check over their food habits. Thus, they need to avoid anything that will increase their blood sugar levels speedily.

Peanuts being an easy snack is available in several varieties& diabetes patients frequently get attracted by its flavor. So, is peanut suitable for people with diabetes?

As per research, peanuts are consist of protein, healthy fat, fiber, minerals as well as antioxidants. Besides, managing diabetes, it is also useful in lessening the chance of cardiovascular & heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation, and cholesterol.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) declares that approx. one ounce of peanuts comprises of almost 161 calories, 4.57 g carbs, 1.34 g sugar, and 2.4 g fiber content.

USDA states the peanuts have very little impact over blood glucose levels. Peanuts having about 14 glycemic indexes as well as 1 glycemic capacity is among one of the lowest recording GI foods.  That is good for diabetic patients. This marks peanuts as a healthy snack for diabetes patients.

Health professionals suggest individuals with diabetes consume more fiber. Since it helps in lowering cholesterol levels, making you feel filled for a longer time and lessens absorptions of glucose.

The American Diabetes Association suggests women consume approx. 25 gms as well as men 38 gms of peanuts regularly. A recent study led by ADA has upheld that a high intake of fiber can cut the risk of type II diabetes by approximately 20–30 %.

For individuals with love of love peanut butter in their first meal suggested opting for home-made peanut butter. That will have no added sugar or even salt, also keeping full for a longer time.