If you are an individual who is a mayonnaise as well as chewing gum fan. Then this piece of information will certainly make you depressed. As per a recent investigation, a food additive that is usually utilized as a bleaching agent in products, for instance, chewing gum & mayonnaise. That may probably lead to inflammatory bowel sicknesses as well as colorectal cancer.

The analysis regarding whitening food additive was directed by the scientist at the University of Sydney. Also, was published in the journal Frontiers under Nutrition had analyzed the health effects of food additive titanium dioxide nanoparticles (E171). E171 is frequently used in huge amounts in foods as well as even in medicines as a bleaching or whitening agent.

Findings of the Analysis:

It was proven over and done with the research that E171 is found in above 900 food products. Also, this is one food additive that is been consumed by a higher number of individuals. Moreover, in great proportion every single day.

Harmful effects of E 171 (titanium dioxide nanoparticles)

The investigation in this direction has revealed that E171 negatively impacts the health of individuals. Especially, it majorly has an impact over the gut microbiota. In addition, it triggers problems like inflammatory bowel sicknesses & colorectal cancer.

Thus, it can be said that however easy these processed food items are to consume. Nevertheless, they are every so often high over additives. These food additives used as a coloring agent or for flavors are hazardous for human health. As per the health professionals, it has been recommended to avoid any such foodstuff that is in processed form. Also, try opting for more organic as well as freshly made food items. For instance, ghee, white butter and mouth fresheners such as fennel seeds & mishri.