Canada claims a free healthcare system, that various countries in the world say nothing. Though, it is not a system deprived of shortcomings or flaws.

Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), an independent non-profit organization, tries to change the use of analytics to solve system efficiency. This task undertakes to tackle SAS software from the development of an organization.

Many of the duties that CIHI embraces are establishing standards for healthcare, offering data to enhance procedures and care. Whereas establishing the analytical tools for the healthcare system and identifying the efficacy of new tools and technologies.

Director of advanced analytics for CIHI, Jeff Hatcher, supervises the team of analysts, data scientists, and statisticians. However, analysts play a major role in the Canadian healthcare system, for justifying the procedures help in enhancing the system, technologies, and standards.

The cost of medical care, new healthcare, and new technology are expensive. To endure it is more effective and uses it certainly, effectively access to system and health human resources. In other terms of being able to do, there are some areas helping to identify the efficient use of healthcare.

The definite tools are estimating the cost of care for various types of procedures. It is able to bring together the patient journey with the healthcare system and sort the comprehensive profile of an individual.

However, Hatcher claims that this is the main challenge for improving healthcare benefitting from using SAS software and does not change.

Hatcher claims that the SAS shop is huge from the beginning. Also, this cannot see moving away from SAS forming on the basis of the analytical work.

SAS is developing in terms of the potential and providing the toolbox. To increase the skill sets and provide flexibility and tools in the toolbox is common to understand the organization. As industries move towards implementing analytics, effective data processes, and AI capabilities.

Hatcher claims the terms of inventions about AI on how to implement it in procedures that are present. Hence, on getting the electronic medical records in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Therefore, on thinking how to help the organization on removing the information, using it themselves and provide to ministries of health.