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Carrot Health Enters an acquisition by Unite Us

Unite Us is a New York based health care technology company that focuses on development of coordinated care networks. The company has announced acquisition of Carrot Health on Tuesday disclosing no details of the amount of the agreement.

The deal will see Carrot Health’s expertise merge with Unite US’ Software technology. Carrot Health has built nation’s largest repository of consumer, and health data. The Minneapolis based company utilises tonnes of data points for identifying specific barriers to good health. The set of determined barriers are based on social, environmental, behavioural or even economic factors.

The software provided by Unite Us displays capabilities of predicting, and managing health care needs. The healthcare tech company is driven by coordinated-care networks of health service providers. This system enables an easy for of referrals via providers, also allowing them to track user’s health.Unite Us successfully raised more than $150 million in the beginning of this year, valuing at $1.6 billion. Town Hall Ventures which is a healthcare firm founded by Andy Slavitt was an early investor in Unite Us.

With the extensive network established by Unite Us, tracking outcomes, and addressing social factors will be made much easier. The company will facilitate the array of partner base consisting of community-based organizations or social service organisations with effective data solutions. Besides, governments as well as providers will be encouraged to accelerate the utility of the software data. The customers can effectively leverage advanced analytics to improve health of their communities, stated Dan Brillman, CEO of Unite Us.

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