Are Litchis good for Diabetics?

¬†Litchis are amongst one of the favorite fruits for indulging eat. Moreover, for the hot summers as well as humid climate litchis are the best option. Such pulpy, as well as white fruits, are awesome evening options for snacking if need to have anything that is energizing as well as healthy. Litchis are tremendously hydrating […]

Must have Turkish Deserts

Whenever traveling towards a nation, trying and tasting its conventional desserts is a must. Especially if traveling to a country like Turkey. The nation is well-known for its conventional deserts that dissolve within your mouth. Below is the list of a few incredible must have deserts of Turkey: 1.¬† ¬†Muhallebi This is one of the […]

Biggest Ever Fund Raise Launched by Bira 91

The producer of Bira 91, B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd, a brand of craft beer, recently launches its major fundraiser ever. That was of approximately $100 million, states 2 natives, seeking anonymity. The company that has been backed by Sequoia Capital aims at utilizing the profits of the C Series fundraise. In order to facilitate its […]