Hope Hicks Finally Opens Up on Mueller’s Report

President Trump is delaying and ignoring Democrats questions and investigations for some time now. Therefore, Hope Hicks, former communications director for the white house and finally agreed to speak to the house’s judiciary committee. A declaration is coming soon. Hicks is President Trump’s trusting aide. She is a part of presidential campaigns and Robert Mueller’s […]

Five Star Facing Political Music with Italy Demanding Some Political Stability

Two parties from Italy are forming a Populist government in Europe. This news came through in the recently held European parliament elections. But, they are still expecting 50 percent votes. European politics is taking news turns. Five-star movement with anti-establishment halved to 17 percent while other leagues doubled their shares by 30 percent. Therefore, becoming […]

Reduction of Import Tariff by 50% not acceptable by the US

President of the US Donald Trump states that although India has been reducing its import tariff over American motorcycles. That too from approximately 100 % to 50 %, it has still been extremely high as well as isn’t acceptable by him. Trump says that the US, under his governance, has turned as a nation that cannot be tricked now. […]