Army Plans Cloud Storage for Storing & Sharing Operational Data

The army is looking for extending its cloud computing network for sharing and storing personal and operational data. This data may contain movement, deployment of service, formation, and health service records, as per officials. Growth of the cloud computing network would carry out with the ‘network for spectrum’ aspect, they said. However, development is a […]

Role of Intelligent Automation Intensifying the Digital Transformation Era

Artificial Intelligence and Robots are redefining the rules for organizational agility and business execution in the digital transformation age. Intelligent Automation, integration of AI and RPA have led the industrial revolution and machine age by challenging previous business models. However, with changing technologies, automation technologies and traditional RPA will pave way for analytics and AI. […]

Fitness Tracker Technology Can Be Used for Protection Against Cyber Attacks

With the growing cyber attacks on businesses, researchers from the UK are initiating to think about defending such attacks. With the latest initiative, the UK researchers from the University of Goldsmiths and University of London developing fitness tracker technology. The technology will appear in devices such as FitBit. It might be utilized to make people […]

San Francisco becomes the first U.S. City to Ban Facial Recognition

San Francisco city becomes the first major United States to ban facial recognition for use by city and police departments. That has ethicists and technologists discussing an issue that is expected to trigger a debate in more cities across the world. With the vote of 8-1, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a regulation. […]