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CDC Data Shows Covid-19 Death in Pregnant Women Surged in the Previous Month

According to the CDC director, the Covid-19 related death in pregnant women increased in August. The present data shows that the US death rate is projected to stabilize in next few weeks. Recent forecasts given by CDC also state that the hospitalizations are decreasing and may see more decreased rate in the coming days.

But the data gathered and analyzed in August states that the Covid-19 related death in pregnant women was increased. Thus mothers are recommended to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the virus. Covid infected pregnant women are likely to experience dangerous symptoms that might cause the mother and infant fatal.

However, to limit the death rate and protect pregnant women against the virus, the US government across various states has implemented strict rules. Enhanced testing procedures, contact tracing, and mask guidelines have been implemented across each US states. Also, penalties of certain amount are being taken from people who are not following the mask guidelines and other rules. The CDC data shows that 55.5% is fully vaccinated and many more are still getting vaccinated and flowing the guidelines.

As a result, now the US which was grappled by surge in Covid-19 cases due to delta variant and death rate in pregnant women caused due to Covid-19 is observing positive situation. In the coming days the situation will be better than previous peak days. But health experts say that even some proportion of vaccinated people may get infected by the virus hence unclear how much vaccination may be need for the population.

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